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The Magic of Golf at Hook’s Hideaway – Eric’s Story

What starts as a visit to a new driving range with Dad, turns into a summer full of the most unexpected adventures. Run and inhabited by a cast of colourful characters, Eric soon discovers that there is something uniquely special about Hook’s Hideaway. With the help of the Golden Keys, he sets out on magical quests through a secret underground tunnel system, where he will learn many amazing lessons about golf, life, and himself.

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I Dreamed About a Hippopotamus in a Lipstick Factory

Join eight year old Nicoletta and her most unusual friend Deloris in this heartwarming story of friendship, coping with change, finding value in your own unique gifts and talents, overcoming challenges, and realizing that you don’t have to be like everyone else to be special.


Anne is an award Winning Children’s Book Author and a tireless advocate for children who learn with difficulty. She plans to follow her newfound passion for writing, helping children and families along the way.



Sandy Vazan is a Canadian based illustrator with a passion for telling stories through her paintings. With her training in Fine Arts at the University of Guelph and Interpretive Illustration at Sheridan College, she works as a theme park designer and children’s book illustrator.