Hippo Series

I Dreamed About a Hippopotamus in a Lipstick Factory


“Nicoletta, it may not seem so at the time, but life has a way of presenting you with many challenges. Embrace them instead of fearing them. They have been put in your way to teach you something and help you grow. There will also be many amazing teachers who will come in and out of your life when you least expect it. They will take you on the most incredible journeys. All you have to do is be open to the possibilities, believe in yourself, and remember you are never alone.” Deloris

Golf Series

The Magic of Golf at Hook’s Hideaway

“In the mean-time, carry them every day in your heart, and they will never leave you. Try not to dwell on what you are missing. Think about how much you learned this summer and how much fun we had. Let those memories cheer you up when things get a bit tougher than you think you can handle. If your adventures have taught you anything, it is that you can handle whatever comes your way, if you believe in yourself.” Dad