For My Reluctant Reader

‘The Magic of Golf at Hook’s Hideaway – Eric’s Story’ is the first book in a new series, inspired by my son, helping to encourage reluctant readers. From a young age, Eric was never a fan of school or reading. I remember scouring local bookstores for the perfect book that might interest him. What I learned in this process was that my story was not unique. Not all boys like reading books!

Author Confession

Before I continue, I must admit that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree! As a child, I was not a fan of reading either. I would find every reason not to read the books that were assigned in class. I read because I had to, not because I wanted to. It was only later in life that I discovered the pure joy of reading. I realized that stories could take me on adventures around the world and that getting lost in a book allowed me to escape from the craziness of life for a little while. Watching Eric was like watching myself, and I wanted to find a way to inspire him.

Back to the Message

I did some research on why boys don’t like to read and, as I continued my search for the perfect book, I considered the following questions. Will Eric find it boring, pointless, and unrelatable? Is it too long to keep his interest? Will it be successful at igniting a passion? Will it entertain him? When I couldn’t find the answer to these questions in an off the shelf book, I decided it was time to write my own story, Eric’s story. As for the subject matter, I decided to write about something that I knew he loved.

Eric’s introduction to golf started at a young age, and it quickly became one of his passions. Sixteen years later, this first book is about Eric’s golf journey with his dad, starting at age 6. The good news is that he can’t wait to read it! Through his various adventures at Hook’s Hideaway one summer, Eric learns some valuable lessons about life and the game of golf in a fun and engaging way. Although I had an initial target audience of one, I hope that Eric’s story will appeal to young boys (or girls) who have not been fans of reading and may be curious about golf.

The format of the book has been designed with our reluctant readers in mind. With the help of the Dyslexie font and the book’s unique layout (three books in one), reluctant readers now have the option of tackling one smaller book at a time. If they need a break after reading the first one, they can do so with a sense of accomplishment. One book down, two to go! If the story draws them in, they can continue to the next two books without having to wait for the sequel.

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