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What starts as a visit to a new driving range with Dad, turns into a summer full of the most unexpected adventures. Run and inhabited by a cast of colourful characters, Eric soon discovers that there is something uniquely special about Hook’s Hideaway. With the help of the Golden Keys, he sets out on magical quests through a secret tunnel system below Hook’s Hideaway, where he will learn many amazing lessons about golf, life, and himself.

Key Lessons from the Story

Lesson #1 – Change is difficult and it’s hard to say goodbye

Eric has become quite attached to the captain, Old Tom, and Mulligan. They have become like family to him in such a short time. When the golf season is over, Eric must say goodbye to his friends until next summer. It was hard enough to take them back to the tunnels, and now he feels lost without them. Dad sits down with Eric to talk about it. He acknowledges Eric’s sadness and helps him look at things from another perspective. Dad explains that change is a part of life and that his feelings are totally normal. He also reminds Eric that talking about his feelings can help him feel better and that he is never alone. “I’m sure Old Tom, Mulligan, and the captain will be there with you on every one. In the meantime, carry them every day in your heart, and they will never leave you.”

Lesson #2 – Facing Challenges

Challenges come in many forms and at any age. From his adventures at Hook’s Hideaway, Eric learns that there are challenges on the golf course, and in life, and that you have to figure out the best way to get through them. Not everything comes easy, and whatever challenge presents itself, you must face it with courage and confidence, “whether it’s a sand bunker, a pond, or something in your everyday life.”

Lesson #3 – Other Lessons that Golf Teaches You

Eric is thrilled to learn another sport. Golf is Dad’s game, and he wants to share it with him! As a result of his lessons with Dad and his adventures at Hook’s Hideaway, Eric learns that golf teaches you more than just the mechanics of the game. In addition to learning about golf history, golf rules, and golf etiquette, he also learns valuable lessons about life that will help him on and off the golf course. 

Eric learns that this challenging sport teaches you patience, acceptance, and determination. It is not an easy game to play, but if you are patient, practice, and are willing to learn from your mistakes, you will improve. He learns that challenges on the golf course teach you how to solve problems, an important life skill. 

Eric learns that golf is a game of courtesy, honesty, and respect. There are no referees out on the golf course to make sure you are playing by the rules. It is up to each golfer to know and follow them, which includes respecting the course and others and being honest about your score. 

Eric learns that staying positive, especially when things don’t go your way, will help you on and off the golf course, and that no matter what happens, follow your passion, and don’t forget to have fun!

Lesson #4 – Friendship

Eric has discovered friendship in the most unexpected places. He has been blessed with exceptional teachers and mentors in Dad, the captain, Mulligan, and Old Tom, who have helped and encouraged him on his golf journey. On his adventures, Eric learns valuable lessons from some very unusual new friends who help build his confidence and further his passion for the game.

Lesson #5 – Anything is Possible!

You can handle whatever comes your way, if you believe in yourself.

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