Meet the Characters


Nicoletta is eight years old and in grade three. She has never really fit in at school and has always had trouble making real friends. Nicoletta sees the world differently than other kids do. Her imagination has been her constant companion and friend because no one can judge her in her own world. When she gets lonely or worried, she retreats to her hammock to try and figure things out. As if life weren’t hard enough, Nicoletta comes home from school one day and finds out that her Dad has just been offered an opportunity of a lifetime. Unfortunately, this wonderful opportunity for him will mean a big change for the family, and change is hard for Nicoletta.

Nicoletta’s parents  Mark and Rachel

Nicoletta is their only child, but they are still hoping to add to their family. They both have busy jobs, and when Dad travels from time to time, Mom is able to work from home. Although Nicoletta is being raised in a loving household, her parents see that she is lonely and spends a lot of time by herself. As much as they try to help, they are sometimes at a loss as to how to help make her feel better. 


A big, beautiful hippopotamus, all dressed up and wearing the most beautiful shade of red lipstick! Although not exactly what Nicoletta was expecting, it doesn’t take long for her to realize that Deloris has come into her life for a reason and that Lipstickland is no ordinary place. Deloris knows all too well why Nicoletta has come to Lipstickland and she is confident that, through their various tour adventures, Nicoletta will come to that realization herself. Not only is Deloris her tour guide, but she also becomes Nicoletta’s mentor, confidante, and first real friend.

Mrs. Morris

She is the principal at Nicoletta’s new school, which happens to look very similar to Lipstickland! It’s no surprise then that Mrs. Morris has a lot of qualities, and a voice, that remind Nicoletta of Deloris. Mrs. Morris welcomes Nicoletta to her new school and takes her on a tour. Sound familiar? Nicoletta meets many wonderful students on the tour and learns many important lessons. For example, she sees firsthand that the popular kids can work with the nerdy kids and the sporty kids and the shy kids, because they focus on their similarities instead of their differences. Mrs. Morris is Nicoletta’s real life Deloris and becomes her mentor, confidante, and friend.

Hyena Testers in the Lipstick Lab

Nicoletta is warmly welcomed and immediately accepted by the hyena testers in the Lipstick Lab. They teach her the importance of laughter and how it can take her mind off of her worries and fears for a little while. She also learns that, like her new friends in the Lipstick Lab, she can make others laugh and feel better too.

The Vision Room   Scientists

On the first stop of the tour, Nicoletta meets a ‘unique’ team of scientists that all work together, differences and all, to create the formulas for Lipstickland products. It is here that Nicoletta learns that everyone has something to contribute no matter how different they may appear, and that anything is possible when we choose to encourage and support each other instead of focusing on our differences. In doing so, unique gifts and talents are revealed, and there is no limit to what can be accomplished together.

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